This is the hat to match the scarf I made for my Granny. It’s designed to fit a little lower on the ears than most of my hats. Pattern posted after pics.


Hat from side

Hat from side


Hat from top

Hat from top

Basketweave Hat Pattern:

yarn: Berroco Pure Merino Nuance
needles: size 7 circ & dpn
gauge: 10 st & 12 r = 2″
size 21″ average woman’s head to fit to mid-ear

CO 102. Join in round.

Work K3/P3 rib all round (17 repeats) for 7 rows.
Work P3/K3 rib (reverse the K’s and the P’s, in other words) for 4 rows.

Repeat these 11 rows above 3 times for body of hat.

1st round: Do K3/P3 rib– this will be the reverse of the row below it, the last P3/K3 row. Switch to DPNs when comfortable.

Rounds 2-4: 
Every 3rd K3, do K1 SSK (decrease of 1). Because there are 17 K3’s
this will wrap around and you won’t complete all of the sections until
the 3rd round is done. After 4th round complete, 85 stitches remain.

Rounds 5-7: Every 3rd P3, do P1 P2tog. Again, this takes 3 rounds to
get all done. After 7th round complete, 68 stitches remain.

Rounds 8-10: Every 3rd K2, do SSK. After all 3 rounds complete, 51
stitches remain.

Rounds 11-13: Every 3rd P2, do P2tog. After all 3 rounds complete, 34
stitches remain.

Round 14: For EVERY K1P1, do SSK. 17 stitches remain.

Round 15: SSK once and then knit round the remainder of the stitches.
16 stitches remain.

Slip 8 stitches to one of the DPNs and 8 stitches to another DPN and
graft the stitches together. Weave in ends and block as desired.


NOTE: The amazing techknitter wrote a lovely tutorial on decreasing in ribbing without making a pointy bit at the top of the hat, and I was definitely inspired by it when making my own. You can find the tutorial here.