I cast on for this hat at 12:30am today. It’s finished and blocking now, though I daresay it may fit the recipient better than me, since he’s got a bigger head. Pattern below the pics.


Skull hat, brim turned up

Skull hat, brim turned up


Brim turned down

Brim turned down

And one view for the whole pattern.

And one view for the whole pattern.

Bosch’s Skull Pattern:

Yarn: Cascade 220 in black (main color); Lion Brand Wool in Winter White (top color, or color C); Jo Sharp Silk Road tweedy brown (color B, in middle) and Cascade 220 in a sort of tan color (color A, on bottom). Half a skein or less of the MC and 20 yards or less of the other 3 colors each.

Needles: size 7

Gauge: 4.5 stitches, 6 rows per inch

Size: Huge. Monstrous. If you don’t have a ginormous head, you should probably skip one of the three rows of skulls, or finish the hat by binding off immediately after the 3rd row and sewing it together, or something. Or go down a few needle sizes and make it a bit thicker, that’d probably work too.  Or felt it. Use smaller yarn. OR ANOTHER HAT PATTERN. That’s probably your best bet here if you are dainty of cranium. But continuing for the rest of us:

CO 104. Join in round.

Work K2 P2 rib all round for 10 rounds.

Knit one row MC (black).

Begin chart with MC and color A. Work X’s in color and .’s in MC:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
. . X X X . . .   11
. X X X X X . .   10
X . . X . . X .    9
X . . X . . X .    8
X X X X X X X .    7
X X X . X X X .    6
. X X X X X . .    5
. . X X X . . .    4
. X . . . X . .    3
. . X X X . . .    2
. . . . . . . .    1

Chart repeats 13 times around hat.

Change colors and work chart in B and MC, then C and MC (if doing the 3rd repeat, again, huge heads only or big foofy hats).

After you finish the colorwork, start the decreases:

Round 1: Place marker. SSK. Knit 16 more stitches for a total of 17 (including the SSK as one stitch) and place another marker. Knit 17 stitches, place marker, 17 more, place marker– SSK again, count that as one stitch, knit 16 more, place marker, knit 17, place marker, knit a final 17 and you should be back to your first marker. 

In other words, you’ve decreased your 104 stitches into 102 (by doing 2 decreases on opposite sides) and placed markers to divide it evenly into 17-stitch sections.

Round 2 and all subsequent rounds: After each marker, SSK.

When you have 6 stitches remaining, cut yarn, thread through all 6 loops, tighten, then weave yarn tail in on the inside of the hat. Weave in remaining ends. Block as desired.