Just some personal notes that I may return to later on.
Set of DPNS + 16″ needle same size– maybe 7’s or 8’s
120-140 yards of worsted weight yarn, more or less.
Gauge: 6 rows x 5 stitches = 1″.

Cast on 4 stitches on one needle and knit i-cord 10 rounds = 40 stitches made.

Increase 1 stitch.

Knit 8 rounds = 40 stitches made.

Increase 1 stitch.

Continue increasing every 40 stitches made, switching to 3 and then 4 DPNs and then circ as needed, until 100 stitches on the needle (in round). Knit 6″ then ribbing for 2″ and bind off.

As nearly as I can figure, this makes a cap with a long top, approx. 12″ long, ending in i-cord.  I’m wondering if I should knit this up– most of my fun yarn is 100 yards or less, so I’d have to do something like knit a plain band around the crown for 20 rows and then do the ribbing in the main yarn.  I’ll think about it when I get home today.