Sorry I haven’t been around much, y’all; it’s been a rough few months. Last year I lost my grandfather and uncle, and because of some changed circumstances I’d been spending the last few months looking for a house– preferably one I could put some work into, and have my grandmother come and stay with me a bit, since she was lonely and all alone.

My grandmother, by the way, is the woman who taught me to enjoy sewing when I was barely toddling, by giving me a big needle and a button and a piece of cloth and letting me play with it all. She could make a dress with no pattern, biscuits with no recipe, and do almost anything around the house that you ever could imagine.  

She passed away at the end of April, at the age of 90. 

I’ll be back to knitting sometime soon, I promise, and there will be house pictures of my new crafting room, and stories, and fun. I promise!