Based on the bag in Doni’s Delis: A little tutorial, but this bag is sewn out of fabric reclaimed from men’s dress shirts.

I used two shirts, one a vivid green corduroy and one a coordinating stripe; I cut strips 7 1/2″ wide from both shirts. I got two strips from the back, and one from each side of the front. I centered the strip over the breast pocket of each shirt.

I sewed all the strips into one long strip of each color, laid them right sides together, and sewed round both long sides and one end. I turned it inside out and sewed up the other end, and then sewed the seams to make it into a bag as in Doni’s Delis tutorial. The trick with the pockets is that if you want them in these locations, you need the opening of the pockets to be facing the nearest ends of the strip. I cut the strips to be about 3″ above the pockets and that placing seems about right.

Bag with pockets

And here’s the inside pocket:
Inside pocket