I don’t wear lace, so I was hoping for a thin headscarf that I could wear without looking too girly. This one will tie on pretty securely. (Also, it’s something to do with cord from an i-cord maker!)

Size 3 circulars, at least 16″
i-cord maker (knitting spool or “Embellish-Knit” brand cranked model)
tapestry needle
150-200 yards of sock yarn

First, thread your sock yarn into your i-cord maker and make about a yard and a half of i-cord. This will be the front of the scarf and go round your head with enough slack to tie in the back, so if you like longer ties, make it longer than that. Be sure to bind off the raw end when done knitting it.

Next, take your cord and tie it with a bow round your head– at the level where you’d wear a scarf, and about as tightly as you’d tie it when wearing it. Slip it off your head. Your scarf will be knitted from stitches picked up from that head-sized loop.

Pick up stitches, one stitch per stitch, all along the loop. When you reach the end, count and make sure you have an even number; pick up one more if you need to. Once this is done, you can untie the i-cord bow.

Knitting the scarf:
All right side rows: K2, K2tog, K to 4 stitches from end; SSK, K2.

All wrong side rows: K2, purl to 2 stitches from end, K2.

This will decrease 2 stitches every right side row. Since we started with an even number, this means we will have an even number of stitches on each row.

Continue until 8 stitches remain as follows:

Right side row: K2, K2tog, K2, SSK, K2 (total 8 stitches)
Wrong side row: Purl (total 8 stitches)

Now to knit the loop at the bottom. Working on just 4 of the stitches and ignoring the other 4, knit the right side and purl the wrong side. Work about 10 rows. Graft the two sets of 4 stitches together (the 4 you’ve been knitting on and the 4 you ignored) to create the loop.

Weave in ends and block. When you wear it, thread one of the ties through the back loop and keep it from flipping up in the back.